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MARTA Kiosk Analysis


MARTA Kiosk analysis and redesign

While I am an avid rider of Atlanta’s public transportation system (as evidenced by my MARTA Promo Video), there are many areas where the MARTA system could be improved.  One such area is MARTA’s kiosk ticketing system.  After continually seeing new riders struggle to complete the most basic of transactions through the kiosk, I decided to take on this project as part of a graduate course in Engineering Psychology:  an in depth study and proposed redesign of the MARTA kiosk system.

The existing system presents every possible option on the first screen even though the vast majority of those options don’t apply to most users.  As a result, users quickly get overwhelmed and frustrated, transactions take too long and result in many errors.

The proposed redesign is workflow-based, guiding the user through the most common tasks, hiding irrelevant options, and exposing additional useful schedule, weather, and local event information at a glance.

Extensive cognitive and hierarchical task analyses, workflow and functional flow diagrams, and quantitative data collection through field observations formed the basis of the redesigned interface.

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