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Scrabble Visualizations


Visualizations of Scrabble word scores from games in the 2010 National Scrabble Championships

Although I haven’t yet jumped on the Words with Friends bandwagon, at one time I was a fairly serious recreational Scrabble player.  In order to experiment with some data visualization techniques, I recently created some visualizations of Scrabble word scores.  My inspiration for this project is Nathan Yao’s excellent book Vizualize This. All data came from sample games from each of 31 rounds of the 2010 National Scrabble Championships.

The first visualization shows all words played by both players in a first round game.  The second shows every Q word played across all 31 rounds.  And the final, larger word cloud represents every word played by both players in all 31 games.  Each word is sized by points scored when played.  Full size versions available on flickr.


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